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The GN saw head is perfectly suited to loggers looking for an efficient, reliable and economical work tool. In addition, its streamlined shape offers better visibility for the operator. It offers incredible performance in our extreme conditions. Also, its reduced weight allows for lower fuel consumption and better mobility.


  • Top horn option

    Choice of shorter top horn, depending on wood size and customer preference.

  • Saw plate option

    Bolt-on steel plate under the saw designed to reduce snow accumulation. Can be removed when not in snow season.

  • Wrist

    360-degree wrist is standard, with choice of planetary rotation, or 3- or 4-motors.

  • SMART saw option

    Automatically manages saw speed, resulting in fuel savings and optimal cut quality

THE GN aDvantage

Our customers’ experience is what counts the most to us. We pay a lot of attention to their comments and we take them constructively in order to continually improve the product and even add new features, as standard or as option, when required.

Our 360-degree lateral tilt allows for more maneuverability and productivity. It offers optimal visibility, increasing production even in difficult conditions, such as cutting in heavy undergrowth or in selective cutting. We have succeeded in creating one of the lightest saw heads in the industry, while providing our customers with the all the reliability they expect.