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For more than 35 years


Established in Amos since 1986, GN Roy has been mainly devoted to the manufacture and repair of forestry equipment such as harvester heads, delimbers, processors, brush cutters, etc.

Acquired in 2012 by the G4 Group of Val-d´Or, specialized in drilling and active in several countries around the world, the company becomes G4 R&D and diversifies. In support of the group, our team customizes drilling equipment to meet the specific needs of the contracts. The company initiates a modernization with the addition of new cutting-edge machining equipment, allowing G4 R&D to secure an enviable position as a supplier of exploration drilling products from drilling consumables, up to the manufacture of complete drills and control systems.

In 2019, the GN forestry equipment range sees the birth, with the contribution of its most experienced customers, of a new series of saw heads which is a real transformation in terms of reliability and versatility. Its design is more streamlined for better visibility and its full-tilt rotation system is improved with additional torque. Complementing this, an industry-first “Power Management System” optimizes saw performance, resulting in fuel savings for the logging contractor.

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